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Use or Lose Your Dental Benefits in 2021

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Use or Lose Your Dental Benefits in 2021

Use or Lose Your Dental Benefits in 2021

In a couple of weeks, 2021 is about to end as well as all the dental benefits for most of us. After the world has opened its doors after almost two years of a gloomy pandemic, using your dental benefits is probably not on your list. However, in a few weeks, you will also lose your chance to savor your dental benefits and access dental care at a lower cost.  

As a dental practice in Hermitage, TN, Dental Bliss Hermitage aims to remind patients of the savings and opportunities that they will lose in not using their dental benefits before December 31st. Learn how dental benefits plans work and the savings not only on dental costs but also in taking care of your teeth and gums.

How do dental benefits work?

Dental benefits provided by employers give patients access to dental care with a designated coverage rate. The coverage depends on the type of dental services you wish to have and the policies of the dental and health insurance providers. Most insurance companies follow the 100-80-50 structure. The designation is as follows:

Important things to know about your dental benefits

Dental benefits are usually available for use for the whole year, starting in January up to December 31. The average annual maximum of most dental benefits is $1000. Insurance providers also have a frequency limitation on some dental services.

A frequency limitation is a rule where there should be several months before you can have the same treatment again. It is a common rule on minor dental restorations and dental cleanings where you can only have them two or three times a year due to the 3 to 6 months waiting period. 

If the dental service needed for your teeth is covered by your dental benefits at 50%, you’ll be covering the other half as a copay. A copay is the dollar amount from your out-of-pocket costs required to pay the rest of your dental fees minus the dental coverage. 

What’s the rush in using your dental benefits?

What’s the rush in using your dental benefits?

There are two things about dental benefits that require a sense of urgency. First, your annual maximum will no longer roll over into 2022. It means that any dollar amount on your benefits will go to waste instead of being utilized for your oral health. 

The second factor in using your dental benefits before the end of the year is to avoid the year-end rush and scheduling constraints on dental practices. Other patients want to take advantage of their dental benefits, and they will be your competitors when it comes to scheduling an appointment. The earlier you schedule an appointment to use your benefits, the better for your peace of mind. 

Benefits of using your dental insurance before the year ends

Using your benefits to take advantage of the opportunity to take care of your oral health is only one of the perks of being a dental benefits holder. Here are the other opportunities that you get in using your benefits before they expire:

Prevent using your pocket money for your dental costs

If you are not getting regular checkups from your dentist, chances are you have no idea about the status of your oral health. It only takes one incident of tooth pain or bleeding gums to visit your dentist. The problem with tooth pain and infection is it can happen anytime. 

If you have tooth pain or tooth infection right after you miss using your dental benefits, you’ll have no other choice than to spend your pocket money on your dental costs. You can avoid causing problems with your January budget if you take advantage of your opportunities to save right before the end of the year.    

Save and preserve your natural teeth before it’s too late

One of the major causes of ballooning dental costs is tooth restoration and tooth replacement. However, with proper preventive care and early treatment of tooth decay, you can prevent tooth loss, infection, and severe damage to your tooth structure. 

The average cost of a minor restoration like dental filling is around $150 to $450, depending on the material used and the severity of the damage treated. It is also under the 80% coverage for most insurance providers. On the other hand, major tooth restoration like dental crowns costs an average of $1000 to $5000 with a 50% coverage for most insurance providers. 

In comparison, dental filling, which is a minor tooth restoration, costs approximately 85% to 91% less than major tooth restorations like dental crowns. The strength and look of your natural tooth are also preserved if you treat tooth decay ahead of time versus treating severe tooth decay with root canal therapy and covering it with a crown. 

Make use of your monthly deduction for the whole year

If you are receiving monthly deductions on your monthly salary for your dental and health benefits, leaving them to expire is like wasting your annual savings. Don’t let your hard-earned money go to waste. Make sure it will all be spent for your dental care needs. Not a lot of employees receive the same benefits and privileges. So, take advantage of it as much as you can.

Use your dental benefits in Hermitage, TN

Dental Bliss Hermitage is in partnership with insurance providers to help you improve your dental care. Our dental team also accepts different modes of payment like checks and credit cards, such as:

  • AMEX
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover

learn more about your dental benefits and how you can use them for your dental treatments, call us today or book an appointment with us to know more about your options.  

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