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The Truth Behind Facial Esthetics: How It Works and its Benefits

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The Truth Behind Facial Esthetics: How It Works and its Benefits

The Truth behind Facial Esthetics: How It Works and its Benefits in Hermitage, TN

Baby smooth skin is the dream for most people; we are talking wrinkle-free, pimple-free skin with a firm and even glow. This might seem impossible, but that is quite the opposite, thanks to advances made in cosmetic medicine. If you want a cosmetic procedure to achieve this, you need to be armed with the correct information, which is why we are here.

At George Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer you facial esthetics in Hermitage, TN, to help you achieve your desired appearance. We understand how challenging it can be to determine if a facial esthetic treatment is right for you, as there are many opinions about the procedure online and offline. However, we are not just offering you a service; we will answer the question “what is facial esthetics?” and talk about the truths behind it.

Our dentists in Hermitage, Dr. Brian George and Dr. Ashley Roark, understand how powerful the correct information is in transforming the lives of their patients. Because of this, we have dedicated time and effort to show you what the procedure is about and its benefits.

Have you been wondering how to improve facial esthetics with cosmetic dentistry? Then, keep reading to find out.

What Is Facial Esthetics?

Facial esthetics is a procedure that involves addressing significant concerns about the face; these concerns can range from loss in volume to fine lines and wrinkles around the forehead, eyes and mouth. The treatment process for these issues usually includes procedures to ease sore muscles, diminish wrinkles, and create a more symmetric look.

All of this is done to rejuvenate the skin to highlight the patient’s facial features and achieve the desired effect. So, if you’re searching for where to improve your facial esthetics in Hermitage, you should worry no more as George Family & Cosmetic Dentistry has got you covered.

The Connection between Dental Health and Facial Esthetics

You may be wondering, “What is the relationship between a facial esthetic procedure and your dental health?” The truth is, there are a lot of added benefits that come with pairing these two procedures. Facial esthetics contribute to the overall wellness and appearance of patients suffering from dental problems.

This is achieved by helping you maintain a healthy smile and promoting the self-confidence that comes with a beautiful appearance. If you’ve been looking for a way to get professional facials in Hermitage near Nashville, then you should visit our dental office to give you the best facial care, which can lead to a more confident smile.

Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Techniques

Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Techniques in Hermitage, TN

Most people believe that facial esthetics are only meant to reduce the effects of aging by removing wrinkles and smoothening out fine lines on the face. But facials go far beyond that, as our dentists are dedicated to using the procedure to help improve our patient’s dental health faster and easier. If you’re looking for professional estheticians near Hermitage for your facial rejuvenation, you should visit our dental practice.

Facial rejuvenation techniques usually accompany restorative dental procedures to provide a robust and thorough treatment package. The most common of these techniques is BOTOX®.

If you are seeking professional facials in Hermitage near Nashville to augment your restorative dental procedure, you should pay a visit to our professional esthetician in the area to get the procedure done and improve your dental health and physical appearance.


BOTOX® is a cosmetic treatment made from botulin. This drug is injected into the skin to cause the facial muscles to relax; this relaxation smooths out wrinkles around the injected area.. BOTOX® is also used to treat sore muscles that cause headaches, give the patient a slimmer jawline, and prevent new wrinkles.

If you’re in search of where to get BOTOX® treatment in Hermitage to ease out wrinkles or relieve your headaches, you should reach out to our dentists for a consultation and appointment date. The effect of BOTOX® is long-lasting but not permanent, so the treatment would have to be recurring based on the advice of your esthetician. This is because the body breaks down BOTOX® over time into harmless compounds called amino acids.

The kidney removes these amino acids from the body’s system to prevent an accumulation of the compound. However, in the case of a deficiency, the amino acids can be converted into other protein forms to be utilized by the body’s metabolism to build new cells.

If you’ve been searching for a reliable dental practice for facial esthetic procedures in Hermitage near Nashville, then your search has finally come to an end. Pay our dentists and professional facial estheticians a visit today to get the best treatment.

The Role of Orthodontics in Improving Facial Symmetry

You might be anxious about how orthodontics and facial symmetry work together. Well, there isn’t much science behind it. Due to many orthodontic problems like overcrowding and malocclusion (crossbite, underbite, and overbite) that lead to misalignment of the teeth and jaw, there is a need to treat facial asymmetry in patients.

Orthodontic treatments help realign the teeth and jaws to create the facial symmetry lost to dental problems. This gives the patient a second chance at improving their physical appearance by combining treatment options like braces (metal and clear) and Invisalign with facial esthetics to ease out facial wrinkles.

If you’ve been looking for professional facial estheticians near Hermitage to help combine your orthodontic treatment with facials, consult with us for the best chance at achieving the perfect facial symmetry.

Harness Top-Class Treatment to Improve Facial Esthetics in Hermitage, TN

Harness Top-Class Treatment to Improve Facial Esthetics in Hermitage, TN

Over the past years, it has been proven that esthetic procedures significantly affect a patient’s physical appearance. This is because proper research has been done to improve facial esthetics and dental health practices.

At George Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer facial esthetics in Hermitage, TN, to help you improve your facial appearance, get practical advice on how to improve facial esthetics, and enjoy living life confidently with a beautiful smile and face.

If you want the best facial esthetics, visit our practice so we can work with you and your goal for better facial symmetry. We offer the best esthetics procedures in Hermitage near Nashville to help you improve your facial appearance and enhance your smile.

If you need to find a dental practice with BOTOX® in Hermitage, you should contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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