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Our dental office in Hermitage, TN is currently accepting new patients. We pride ourselves on providing quality dental care and the latest in dental technology to our existing patients, and would be honored to provide that same level of care to your family and friends. 

Our practice has been able to grow and thrive because of our incredible patients. Part of what has made our patients so great is their willingness to share our office with those closest to them. Our team is always happy to see the family and friends of our beloved patients, and we know that you are an integral part of seeing new patients. Thank you for your continued dedication to our dental office, and thank you for letting the people closest to you know about the services we offer! 

If you have enjoyed the dental care you’ve received at George Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, from cosmetic dentistry to restorative services, we make it easy to reach out for referrals. Simply click the button below, place your friend or family’s email address in the space provided, and we will introduce ourselves! 

Thank you so much for entrusting our dental practice with your oral health and wellness. We look forward to continuing to serve!

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