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Thank you for entrusting George Family & Cosmetic Dentistry with your dental care needs. Our team understands the value of quality dental services and the value of affordable care and flexible payment options. We provide flexible payment options for new and existing customers, including insurance plans, credit and debit cards, and dental financing options.


For your ease and comfort, our dental office in Hermitage, TN accepts most major insurance plans. We also accept many different types of payment. The forms of payment we accept include the following:

payment options at Dental Bliss Hermitage


In the absence of insurance or standard payment methods, our office also accepts CareCredit. CareCredit functions in a way similar to credit cards and allows you to pay for dental services through monthly financing. CareCredit is an excellent way to pay for necessary or desired dental services if you do not have an insurance company or adequate coverage. 

Like a credit card, you must apply for CareCredit. Once you apply, you will be given an acceptance or rejection. Once accepted, you can view the different plans available to you, and determine which financing option will best fit your needs.

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Treatment Coordinator | Hermitage

Let our team help you find the best financing option to fit your needs!

Determining how to pay your bill for dental products and services can be challenging, even with ideal insurance coverage and plenty of payment options available. To learn more about potential coverage and forms of payment, please contact our office today! 

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