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Updated: June 2019.


The Dental Bliss Hermitage team is built on the values of compassion and care, and this extends to our accessibility policies. Our dental office in Hermitage, TN is equipped with the dental technologies necessary to accommodate people of all abilities. 

We designed our website to follow suit. 

When you step into our dental practice, our team is there to greet you with kindness and care. We make accessibility one of our top priorities. We’ve made sure our site complies with all current accessibility recommendations


Our goal is to make sure your experience here is a positive one. 


We strive to make sure our services are accessible to individuals with disabilities. Dental Bliss Hermitage has invested time and resources to develop accessibility options for our site. With the tools we have compiled, we hope our website is easy to use for anyone with a disability

We strongly believe that everyone possesses the right to dignity, comfort, equality, and independence. We hope our website reflects that belief. 


The Dental Bliss Hermitage website uses the UserWay Website Accessibility Widget to make our site easy to navigate. This software allows Dental Bliss Hermitage to comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1)

Our team offers this service in recognition of the special needs of new and existing patients. When utilized, the UserWay software amplifies our site’s ability to operate well alongside disabilities. 


Our accessibility menu is enabled by clicking on the blue accessibility icon in the right-hand corner of the page. After clicking, the accessibility menu should load. 

If you do not feel the menu is operating properly, this may be due to an expected lag. Give the menu a few moments to load all possible accessibility options.


As a dental care office, Dental Bliss Hermitage regularly reviews our efforts to improve accessibility. We believe it is our moral obligation to provide a site that is easy to use for people of all abilities. 

We have devoted time and effort to make our site pages fully accessible. Despite our efforts, there may be some pages that are not yet adapted to offer full accessibility. Faulty pages may be in error. They may also be the result of our team not yet having found the best solution for that page.


Have you experienced difficulty with any of the Dental Bliss Hermitage content? Do you need assistance with any part of our website? Please do not hesitate to contact us during our standard business hours

We are always more than happy to assist our new and existing patients.


Should you need to report an accessibility, ask a question, or request assistance, contact our Customer Support team! They can be reached at info@dentalblisshermitage.com.  


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