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Top-Notch Sedation Dentistry That Hermitage & Old Hickory, TN Counts On

At George Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer exceptional sedation dentistry that Hermitage, TN residents can count on to provide a pain-free dental experience. Our dental practice understands the importance of sedation services. Our dental clinic was actually founded by two people who dealt with traumatic dental experiences in their childhood

We will not allow anxiety or special healthcare needs to prevent our patients from receiving quality, comfortable dental care. We understand that dental anxiety can be a barrier to receiving the dental care you deserve. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to creating a stress-free environment where all patients can feel at ease when receiving their treatments. 

Our dental team in Hermitage near Old Hickory works with qualified dental anesthesiologists who are true specialists in sedation. While being treated by licensed dental sedation experts, you can expect to experience the best possible pain-free care!

Our Signature Sedation Dentistry That Hermitage, TN Residents Trust

Our sedation dentist in Hermitage and 601 Brandywine Village Court Old Hickory, TN 37138 specializes in various sedation techniques to alleviate every patient’s dental anxiety and ensure a painless and comfortable dental visit. Let’s explore the various sedation types our expert dentist offers to make your next dental appointment a comfortable experience.

Light Sedation
(Laughing Gas)

Our dentists providing oral surgery sedation in Nashville use laughing gas to create a calming experience for patients who grapple with mild to moderate anxiety. We administer laughing gas through a comfortable breathing mask. The effects of light sedation wear off within minutes of your procedure's completion. If you're considering light sedation before your dental procedure, and you're Googling "sedation dentistry near me offering light sedation" You should visit us at George Family & Cosmetic Dentistry to get your light sedation done before your procedure. Most importantly, our light sedation allows you to remain fully conscious, and you are able to verbally and physically respond throughout your dental procedures.

Moderate Sedation
(Oral Conscious Sedation)

We recommend oral conscious sedation for patients who experience moderate anxiety while in the dental chair. Moderate sedation also allows you to remain conscious. You will be able to respond to stimuli during the course of your treatment. However, you are unlikely to remember many details of your visit to the office.

Deep Sedation/IV Sedation (Sleep Dentistry)

If you are looking for a more profound sense of relaxation, deep sedation is the best of the available sedation options. Deep sedation has also been called sleep dentistry or IV sedation. This treatment is designed for people who experience severe dental anxiety. Deep sedation may also be used for patients with special healthcare needs. During deep sedation, you can expect to be relaxed and comfortable throughout your treatment. Our dentist offering oral surgery sedation in Nashville often recommends using deep sedation when you have a family member or friend able to drive you home, as the sedatives might not have worn off immediately after your treatments.

During deep sedation, you can expect to be relaxed and comfortable throughout your treatment. Our dentists highly recommend using deep sedation when you have a family member or friend able to drive you home.


The total cost of sedation dentistry will vary from patient to patient. There is a wide range of available sedation options, and dental insurance may or may not cover these costs. If your insurance does not cover sleep dentistry and you need help paying for the service, contact our office. Our friendly financial coordinators will help you set up a no-interest payment plan through CareCredit®.

If you’re looking for a dental practice offering affordable sedation dentistry in Nashville to elevate your dental experience, we encourage you to visit us at George Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. Our dentist is dedicated to providing you with affordable and top-quality dental care. Say goodbye to dental worries when you visit our dental clinic and discover how our sedation dentistry services can transform your smile while putting your mind at ease.

Put Your Dental Fears to Rest with Our Dental Sedation in Hermitage & Old Hickory

Don’t let anxiety or special healthcare needs keep you from the quality dental care you deserve. At George Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, everyone deserves access to quality dental care without anxiety or discomfort. If you wish to undergo a sedation technique and you’re Googling “sedation dentistry near me,” we advise you to visit our dental practice to receive the best and appropriate sedatives for your dental procedure.

Our dental team ensures your dental experience is as comfortable, pain-free, and stress-free as possible. If you have questions concerning our signature sedation dentistry in Hermitage, you should get in touch with our dental professionals to seek guidance and learn more about what it entails.

Meet Our Sedation Dentist in Hermitage


Nashville Office-Based Anesthesia

Meet Our Sedation Dentist In Hermitage

Meet our Nashville Office-Based Anesthesiologist, Dr. Matt Yezerski, who provides dental sedation in Hermitage to help patients overcome their dental anxieties. Dr. Yezerski ensures every patient’s dental experience is as stress-free and comfortable as possible. Whether you need a routine dental check-up or a more complex dental procedure, Dr. Yezerski is committed to providing gentle, anxiety-free dental care.

Enjoy Pure Relaxation With Sedation Dentistry That Hermitage, TN Relies On

Our sleep dentistry patients are comfortable and relaxed during treatments. Sleep dentistry renders movement impossible during the entire dental procedure to reduce risks. Our anesthesiologist, Dr. Yezerski, is the only dentist offering sedation dentistry in Nashville on a mobile basis. He visits our dental office as needed, so be sure to call and schedule your services today!

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