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A beautiful grin helps you feel far more confident in your appearance. A confident smile makes you look and feel healthier, younger, and happier. Crooked and misaligned teeth can thwart your efforts to accomplish your smile goals while impairing function. 

Teeth that are not properly aligned damage your bite and impair your ability to chew effectively. Crowded teeth are harder to clean and may be prone to decay. Fortunately, you no longer need uncomfortable metal brackets to straighten teeth. Our Invisalign treatment in Hermitage, TN can help patients achieve a straighter, more brilliant smile

The days of relying on uncomfortable metal brackets and wires have passed. Invisalign trays allow patients to more comfortably and discreetly straighten teeth while reducing the visibility of the straightening mechanism.


Invisalign aligners are used to deliver orthodontic treatment. These clear, plastic aligners straighten teeth without using metal or adhesives. Patient’s teeth are used to create an impression prior to starting treatment and developing a custom treatment plan. 

Invisalign retainers are created using BPA free plastic. Each set is worn for 20-22 hours per day for several weeks. That set is discarded once teeth have shifted appropriately and a new set is created. 

Standard braces used metal brackets and wires. Invisalign instead relies on pressure created by the retainers to move the teeth into proper alignment over time. This is the reason trays must be changed every few weeks. Constantly changing trays promotes continuous movement of the teeth without the heft of traditional metal braces


Invisalign treatment has rapidly risen in popularity among orthodontists. Invisalign’s ease of use and virtual invisibility are only two of the many benefits conferred by Invisalign. Additional advantages include the following: 

  • Discretion. Invisalign trays are made of clear plastic. They are not immediately noticeable to others. 
  • Comfort. Making teeth shift with gentle pressure rather than increasingly tightened wires improves the comfort of aligning teeth. Since trays are developed using patients’ specific molds, retainers fit snugly around the teeth. Invisalign retainers do not slip or move around. 
  • Safety. Invisalign trays are free of metal and are created using BPA free plastic. 
  • Ease of Removal. Trays can be removed to eat and drink. They may also be removed to engage in standard preventative dental care. Teeth may not be as susceptible to discoloration as a result. 
  • Customizability. Treatment plans for Invisalign are customized to match each patient’s individual needs and will be continuously re-evaluated until treatment is complete. 


At our Hermitage office, we are committed to providing the highest quality dental care. The highest quality treatment includes Invisalign and other new, state of the art technologies

Using advanced laser technology, our team can take images and impressions of our patients’ teeth quickly and easily. 

We no longer need to rely on messy impression trays. 

Our innovative technology also gives us the opportunity to map out a distinct treatment plan. We are able to provide patients with accurate expectations for the duration of their treatment plan.


At George Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the beautiful smiles they deserve. Our general, cosmetic, and restorative dental procedures can help you accomplish the smile of your dreams. 

Request an appointment with our office today to get your Invisalign treatment plan started!

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