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Dental implants: Are they worth the investment?

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Dental implants: Are they worth the investment?

Dental implants: Are they worth the investment?

Imagine a beautiful, strong smile that you are proud to show off to the world. It’s something we all want, right? A healthy smile without any imperfections, chips, or missing teeth is a big boost to one’s self-esteem.

While your dentist’s goal is always to protect your natural teeth, tooth loss can occur. Whether from poor oral hygiene, disease, or trauma, tooth extraction may be necessary. However, a missing tooth does not have to be permanent. Dental restorations are available to replace missing teeth and repair your smile.

Keep reading to learn more about dental implants, their cost and longevity, and the pros and cons of treatment.

Tooth replacement with a dental implant

Missing teeth can be replaced with dental bridges, dentures, or implants topped with crowns. The number of replacement teeth needed, the patient’s lifestyle needs, and the budget may help determine the type of restoration used. 

A dental implant is a durable, long-term tooth replacement option.

How do teeth implants work?

When a tooth is lost, the damage goes beyond just placing a gap in your smile. The natural functions and balance of your oral cavity are thrown off. Eating and speaking are disrupted, the jawbone lacks stimulation from the tooth root, and the adjacent teeth shift. The potential for periodontal disease increases because there is no longer a tooth in place shielding the gums from bacteria.

Dental implants, or teeth implants, are posts that sit in the jaw bone to replace the tooth roots. The post mimics the role of a root to keep the bone healthy and to prevent bone deterioration and teeth shifting. An abutment connects the post to a dental crown or other restoration to complete the look and function of a natural tooth.

A comprehensive exam with 3D imaging is necessary to determine if you are a qualified candidate for dental implants. Candidates require adequate healthy bone and gum tissue to support the implant. If their bone tissue is not sufficient, a bone graft may be required prior to implant placement.

How much do dental implants cost in Hermitage, TN?

The cost of dental implants is variable. Factors that influence the total cost include:

  • Location in the mouth
  • Number of implants needed
  • Potential dental procedures such as extractions or bone grafts
  • Placement of the implant, abutment, and crown

On average, the
cost of a single tooth implant is $3,000 to $4,500; whereas full mouth restoration with dental implants may run between $60,000 and $90,000.

Does insurance cover dental implants?

Every dental insurance plan differs. While most plans cover at least a portion of preventative dental care, they vary on how much, if any, restorative care is covered. Generally speaking, restorative dental procedures are covered at a lower percentage than preventative services. However, many dental benefits plans do now cover a portion of the cost of dental implant procedures.

Check with your insurance plan to determine your exact benefits and the percentage you are expected to pay. If the cost of dental implants is still a concern, consider signing up for CareCredit. CareCredit offers affordable monthly payment plans for medical and dental services to help you get the care you need.

How long do dental implants last?

With proper care, such as good oral hygiene and regular dental visits, dental implants can last a lifetime. They are not subject to decay, have minimal risks of rejection, and are highly successful. This restoration is designed to be a permanent tooth replacement.

Pros and cons of teeth implants

Understanding the pros and cons of a dental procedure can help you make an informed decision for your situation.

What are the advantages?

There are numerous benefits of dental implants, including:

  • Cost-effective – While the procedure is more expensive initially, over time, implants are more affordable. Dentures and bridges require maintenance, touch-ups, and replacements. Each correction or update comes with a fee. Implants are designed to be a one-and-done procedure.
  • Permanent – Once placed, the implant is permanently affixed in the jawbone. It cannot be removed unless done so by a dental professional.
  • Sturdy and durable – Since they are placed in the jaw, dental implants offer more security than bridges and dentures. This stability allows patients to speak and enjoy their favorite foods without worrying about shifting of the restoration. 
  • Easy to care for – Your oral health habits do not have to change. Implants can be maintained with routine brushing and flossing.
  • Safe – Implants are often titanium or zirconia. Both are biocompatible and safe for patient use. There is little risk of rejection or an adverse reaction.

What are the downsides of dental implants?

The disadvantages of implants include the following:

  • Adequate bone tissue – Patients require adequate healthy bone to secure and attach the implant in the jaw. If the bone has deteriorated, it will not support the post. Bone grafts may be an option, but that adds to the overall cost and treatment time.
  • Expensive – Implants have a higher upfront cost than other restorations. While they are more cost-effective over time, the initial cost can be staggering for some. Dentures and bridges may be more affordable with a lower upfront cost. A patient’s stage of life should be considered when tooth replacement is needed.
  • Longer healing process – Since implant placement requires a surgical procedure, there is a longer healing time. There are also several steps involved from start to finish – post placement, abutment attachment, crown fabrication and placement. If extractions or grafts are needed, it adds additional time. Dental implants do not provide instant gratification for smile improvement.

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