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Available Resources in Hermitage, TN

the hermitage cabin in hermitage, TN

Hermitage, TN is home to beautiful scenery, rich history, and plenty of local resources and community events. If you are new to the area, or you are just interested in learning more, there are a host of resources available to make your visit or stay in Hermitage an enjoyable one. The Dental Bliss Hermitage team is excited to welcome you to Hermitage and all of the resources the area has to offer. 

The History of Hermitage

The history of Hermitage, TN is nearly inextricable from the history of Nashville. Although Hermitage is recognized as its own area, it is considered a part of the larger Nashville area and is included in Davidson County. Hermitage is steeped in U.S. history, in large part due to its status as the final home and resting place of Andrew Jackson, one of the former presidents of the United States. 

Andrew Jackson

Hermitage, TN is so named because it is the location of The Hermitage, the plantation home of Andrew Jackson. The Hermitage has been voted the 3rd best historic presidential attraction in the United States, and for good reason: with approximately 1,000 acres, beautiful historic buildings, and a plethora of attractions, The Hermitage is a destination that can provide a day of education and inspiration for the entire family. 

The Hermitage can be utilized as a destination for an individual or family but is also frequently used as a school attraction. Because The Hermitage was home to over 300 slaves throughout Andrew Jackson’s lifetime, it has been considered a powerful reminder of both the brutality found in American history and the lush scenery found in the South. 

Move From Rural to Metropolitan

Like most of Tennessee, the Hermitage area began as a richly wooded area, known for its lush greenery and easy access to water. It was not until Nashville began to expand and take in the surrounding areas that Hermitage began to shift from a rural area to a metropolitan one, though it remains on the fringes of Nashville, rather than existing at the city center. 

dining options in hermitage, TN

Top Things To Do in Hermitage

Hermitage, TN is known for The Hermitage, but there is far more to do than simply visit Andrew Jackson’s final home and eventual resting place. In addition to visiting this local landmark, visitors and citizens should enjoy the many different events and services that Hermitage has to offer. 

Visit Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage is a sprawling area, preserved to demonstrate the way that the United States’ 7th president lived at his plantation in rural Tennessee. Visitors to The Hermitage can tour the grounds, examine historic structures, and enjoy a window into the past and how people in the area used to live. 

Even if history is not your passion, a visit to The Hermitage can be enjoyable. The grounds are beautiful and expansive and boast garden areas, farming areas, and historical sites and information

Visit Local Parks

Tennessee is known for its beautiful scenery, and local parks allow Hermitage visitors to enjoy that scenery. From local dog parks to nearby lakes and rivers, the Hermitage area boasts a host of parks and nature preservation areas that are open seven days a week. 

Enjoy Southern Dining

Southern dining is famous in the US, and Hermitage is home to plenty of local favorites. From breakfast at Nadeen’s to dinner at Papa Turney’s BBQ, Hermitage is a treasure trove of local dining options

What to Expect in Hermitage

Hermitage is also home to plenty of emergency assistance programs, and other local resources designed to improve the locals’ quality of living. Living in Hermitage is largely rated as a positive experience, as the area has plenty of beauty to enjoy, without the high prices common in many parts of the United States. 

Cost of Living

The Hermitage cost of living is similar to that of nearby Nashville, and newcomers to the area can expect to pay roughly the same amount for a home as they would in any other major city in Tennessee. Food, healthcare, and housing in Hermitage hover around the same price as most areas in the United States, though home prices may be slightly above the national average. 

community resources in Hermitage, TN

Community Resources

Although Hermitage scores only slightly above average in its cost of living, there are plenty of assistance programs available to Davidson County residents. From food assistance to dental care and health care, the Hermitage area has a lot to offer. 

Second Harvest Food Bank is a large food pantry serving Middle Tennessee, including Hermitage. Second Harvest offers food boxes and after-school food programs for people in Davidson County who are experiencing short-term or long-term food insecurity. It is also home to a host of volunteer opportunities. 

Hermitage, Tennessee is also rife with volunteer opportunities. Like most parts of Middle Tennessee, local pride is strong and robust. Volunteer opportunities designed to support the local community and improve the living experiences of Hermitage residents abound, as do volunteer opportunities in nearby Nashville. 

Access to Nashville

Hermitage is essentially a part of Nashville, as the line between the two cities is difficult to discern (if it is possible at all). Metro social services serve the Hermitage area, and although it has its own parades and city events, much of Hermitage enjoys the same amenities and opportunities as Nashville proper. 

Hermitage, TN Resources

Hermitage, TN is known for its beauty and rich history, but it is also a wonderful place to live. Hermitage serves as far more than a home to a sliver of United States history because it embodies the vibrant sense of community known and loved by Nashville, and most areas in Middle Tennessee. 

Dental Bliss Hermitage is proud to call Hermitage home. We welcome you to our fair city. Should you find yourself in need of a dental office in Hermitage, TN, reach out to us today!

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